Neck Pain Exercises

Neck pain exercises
Neck Pain Exercises

Therapeutic neck pain exercises. Gentle neck exercise are great for loosening tight muscles  and softening ligaments. Much of the time, neck pain can be calmed quickly by performing an arrangement of neck pain exercises to alleviate strain brought on by tight neck muscles.

Below are straightforward routines for neck pain exercises  in which you spend around 15 minutes doing. Repeat a few hours after if your neck still feels stiff.


Firstly, nod your head forward and backward. Tilt your chin to your chest, then toward the sky. For this simple first steps you can repeat for several minutes. Remember that these neck pain exercises may feel painful, so be gentle while doing them don’t tilt your head too far forward or backward if it hurts too much. See below video

Secondly, tilt your head from side to side. This will stretch the muscles in the front and back of your neck. Perform this simple routine until the pain eases a bit and the muscles feel less tense.


Finally, turn your head from left to right. Often this is the most painful motion you can make when you have a stiff neck, so  gently ease into it slowly. Repeat these left to right head movements for several minutes.

 Simple neck pain exercises

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