How To Fix A Stiff Neck

How To Fix A Stiff Neck

If you have developed neck ache,  crick in neck and neck stiffness ,  find out here
the causes and through simple measures learn what to do for a stiff neck. Follow these steps below to relieve yourself from stiff neck pain, stress and tension.

 5 ways to cure neck pain and how to fix a stiff neck. 

Massage your neck –   This is a really effective method on how to fix a stiff neck. Most of the time we get tense and sore neck muscles from poor posture usually in everyday activities. For example bending over a desk for hours, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, having your computer positioned to high or too low, or the most common;  poor posture while watching tv or reading are what causes a stiff neck.

Below is an  example of  a stiff neck treatment massage routine you can use on your self. This also works wonderfully  if you have a partner who can gently massage the sides of your neck that feel sore or painful.

Doing this for simply a couple of minutes ought to help that tightness loosen up and is one way how to fix a stiff neck.



Cold pack followed by heat –You can find a cold and hot pack from Amazon  which can help reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation.  Usually you would use the cold pack  for the first 48 to 72 hours then use heat after that. You should hold a cold pack  on intervals of 15-20 minutes on the area however to prevent injuring your skin, do not leave for prolonged periods like falling asleep with a heating pad or ice bag in place.

    • Ideal for use on sports injuries
    • Used chilled it reduces swelling
    • Used heated it increases circulation to injured areas. 

Gently stretch neck muscles– Doing neck exercises will increase the elasticity in the muscles, ligaments and tendons so they will not be as tight. This is a really effective way on how to relieve a stiff neck by  gently stretching the neck muscles. It is very good for loosening tissue and increasing blood flow. Learn how to fix a stiff neck below with therapeutic neck pain exercises.

 Watch this video to learn neck stretches and techniques


Consider getting a soft necks traction collar.  This can be really helpful in chronic neck pain.  One study found that 76% of patients ended up with reduced stiff neck symptoms after using a soft cervical collar, although there is no proven long-term benefit in wearing them.  Its a great product since

      • it ends muscle spasm
      • it relieves pain
      • it takes the pressure off the bone ends by relaxing the muscle

This  is a great way to treat stiff neck however does not do much for fashion. If you can’t be seen with a neck collar at work or during the day, put on the collar when you get home at night or before bed. read more at WikiHow. A neck traction collar is most likely the easiest way to relieve tension, but also should be used after consulting your doctor. Like all remedies consult with your doctor first.

Below is a video explaining how the Chisoft Neck Traction Device works to get from Amazon Click through here.


Sleeping on your back – Can reduce the chances of a possible crick in neck caused by how you sleep i.e side or stomach sleeping. Getting in the habit of sleeping on your back can  also help your upper back pain  and curves get proper support.

If you wake up with a stiff neck every once in a while, your bed or pillow may be at fault.  You will need to consider sleeping on a firm mattress without a pillow or with a special neck pillow to prevent stiffness from recurring. Choosing supportive cervical pillows is critical on how to fix a stiff neck since we all commit  a 3rd of our time asleep. Improving sleep neck posture rather is really key as this will also be beneficial for your back.
Celery –  is shown to provide anti-inflammatory benefits  and is  absolutely amazing for stiff neck pain relief. Besides aiding in stiff neck remedies there are a ton of fantastic health benefits.