Self Neck Massage

neck massage. Neck massage therapy, done either by yourself, a friend or a professional, is one of the best ways to remedy  stiff neck ache. Normally, your neck and shoulder have a tendency to amass more stress and strain than any other part of your body.  It is beneficial for you to know techniques that can help loosen muscles in this area and lessen pressure and firmness. Follow the steps below for self neck massage routine. Self neck massage demonstration First step: bring your right hand across the body and grab the left side of your neck. From here, Tilt your neck forward and to the side this will help you gauge the sensitivity so dont over do it. Second step: you want to curl your fingers and pull the neck muscles downward. For this,use  your entire arm  and not just the finger strength to pull the neck muscles downward.  Now you can go up and down all the way between the neck and shoulder massaging gently . You will be looking to find a tight spot then begin to curl your fingers more and dig in with the fingertips.  Try to hold the spot and gently move your neck from side to side Third step: bring your right hand behind the neck and grab the left side your neck. Once again curl your fingertips,  and grab the left neck muscles. From here you want to stretch your neck by, tilting your head forward and pulling the neck muscles downward.  Just like the step before you can go massage up and down the neck and  when you find the tight spot dig in with the curled fingertips or hold the spot and move your neck. Fourth step: simply grab your neck muscle with your palm and squeeze your palm as you massage up and down the neck. To target the muscles closer to the spine, use your thumb and closed fingers to squeeze.  Then switch your hand and do the right side.. Refer to the video below for  techniques of how to do the self neck massage and also handle  a crick in the neck