Stiff Neck Treatment

Stiff Neck Treatment

Generally a stiff neck involves soreness and limited range of motion when

moving the head from side to side. It is uncomfortable for anyone suffering from it and will restrict your day to day activities.  Most commonly we develop stiff neck due to stress in the neck. The neck is a part of the body that can carry a lot of stress usually from bad neck and spine postures.

Good posture practice is an important yet neglected discipline which many people unconsciously avoid. This usually  leads to muscle sprain or strain which is the most common cause of a stiff neck. Other causes of neck stiffness could be injury related  for example whiplash from a vehicle accident.

stiff neck treatment


Stiff neck treatment

Treatment varies depending on the condition.  A common stiff neck usually is easier to remedy but doctor consultation is always advised before you attempt any remedy.  There are different types of  neck issues which have more intense symptoms like Meningitis / infection. This is a stiff neck accompanied with headache, higher fever, vomiting or nausea.  Meningitis is an acute inflammation of protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. Wikipedia.  Anytime you have  neck stiffness that is followed by a fever it is advised to seek medical attention to check for the possibilities of these.

For a mild stiff neck you can be able to remedy by doing a series of therapeutic exercises and massage techniques to help with the movement, inflammation and soreness.  Exercises of the neck help to loosen up neck tendons and ligaments while massaging usually help relax the muscle. A coupled with these you may use cold and heat therapy to help with any inflammation you might have. All these are easy to do and can prove very effective Click here to fix your stiff neck